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Fitastic 40 Body Beautiful

What is Fitastic 40?

6-Week Online Health & Fitness Coaching Program that can change your life.

See the case study here

The information in this program changed my life 4.5 years ago!

Here is a brief overview of the program: See

Week 1: Mindset/Goal Setting

Week 2:Cardiovascular and Inflammation

Week 3: Making Health a Hobby

Week 4: Label Reading/Shopping/Ingredients

Week 5: Pain & Inflammation

Week 6: Skin Health/Gut Health/Probiotics

In addition to the Program above, you will receive 2 Weekly Coaching Calls, Weekly Workouts, Meal Plan(if you need one) and 60 Recipes.

This program can be done anywhere!

This program can change your life.  You have accountability, me as your coach, and a plan.

If you are ready to make a commitment click below

See the case study here

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