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How To Lose More Weight

The dreaded weight loss cycle!!! No one wants to go on a diet! Diets do not work in my opinion. It’s all about eating well, exercising and have a positive mindset. Our bodies are filled with toxins every single day. We overload our bodies from the junk we eat, sugar we drink, the products we place on our skin and the air we breathe. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about the air we breathe, BUT, we can change our habits. Over time our bodies get destroyed from the toxins and we end up with what is called toxic waste! Sounds gross, right? Well, the problem with toxic waste is that it can wreak havoc on our entire immune system. We know that 70-80% of our immune system stems from our gut health. Most people have poor gut health…that’s just the way it is. Gut health is so important to regulate because the junk we eat, drink, breathe all kills off the good bacteria in our gut. What happens when don’t have good bacteria? We become sick, bloated, tired, overweight, have skin problems, etc..Have you ever heard of Akkermansia? Akkermansia is a gut microbe that our bodies need that impacts our metabolism! What if I told you that there is a product that replaces 250x Akkermansia in your gut? How do you think that would affect your weight loss? You got it! It may be the key you are missing! Also, we know that cortisol can make us gain weight. By replacing gut microbes, you can reduce cortisol levels by changing one thing. This is absolutely amazing and could be what you have needed all along! Find out moreĀ here

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