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Let’s Assess The Risk Of A Poor Diet and Not Exercising

Let’s assess the risk of not exercising.  There is always a risk involved.  Everything we do in life we are taking a risk.  If we choose to not exercise, the risk would be poor health. Our cardiovascular system would not function well, we would gain weight, lose muscle mass and have less energy. This risk that we take leads to heart disease, illness and muscle atrophy.  Is it worth the risk of saying NO to exercise? Imagine the difference you could make in your life.  If you are pondering the thought of whether or not to work out, you are taking a risk by not working out. You are taking a risk if you workout also because you could overtrain, possibly get injured, have heat exhaustion or dehydration. The risk of not exercising is worse than the risk of exercising.

Okay, now let’s assess the risk of a poor diet.  A poor diet leads to illness, inflammation, lack of energy, brain fog and much more.  The risk of eating fast food, processed foods and high sugars will not make you healthy.  You will gain weight, you will lack nutrients, you will not have energy and a much higher risk of disease.  Your body is meant to heal but with healthy foods.

Yesterday, I made gluten free waffles for breakfast and I never eat that many carbohydrates.  My body was not used to eating that way.  I took a risk and ate the waffles and I had a headache most of the day, I fell asleep on the couch twice, and I had no energy.  This never happens to me!

If you are eating a poor diet and not exercising, you may think you are feeling great but it is a feeling that you get used to.  It’s not the way you should feel.  I totally get it. I was once there too.

The main problem is that we think we are so busy and do not have time to make changes and our health does not become a top priority.  Busy isn’t good, it’s just a term we use when we don’t want to do something else.  It’s about priorities.

You always have the choice to exercise and eat healthy but remember, there is always a risk involved either way.

Eat that piece of cake and you risk eating the 40 + grams of sugar and feeling crummy the rest of the day like I did when I ate the waffles!



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