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Spread Your Wings

It’s hard to take the first step because of the unknown.  There is uncertainty and fear when embarking on something new.  The hardest part is stepping out of your comfort zone.  We should be more like a butterfly.  When a butterfly emerges, she spreads her wings and flies without any uncertainty or fear.  She just does it.  If there is something you want to change, just do it.

In addition to my Health & Fitness Coaching and my group training business, I am also part of a wellness company. As you can see, I love helping people improve their health!

I was reading a story of someone in our wellness business and this is her story. She had her water shut off..COULDN’T PAY the BILLS, BLOCKED a friend’s posts on Facebook, Was overweight & MISERABLE, WANTED TO TRY something new but couldn’t afford it, Finally tried and LOST NOTHING the first month, FEARED what others would think if she shared, FINALLY SHARED and continued her health journey, Now has a massive INCOME,The rest is history!!

Sometimes YOU can keep saying NO, but life may have other plans for you.

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