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Why Probiotics Are Important

Probiotics are important for maintaining good gut health. Gut health is important because 70-80% of our immune system thrives in our gut. Everything we eat, drink, breathe and even stress contributes to the health of our gut. Many people get sick often, suffer from allergies, have brain fog, skin problems, low energy and have irregular bowels. All of this affects our gut. We need a healthy gut to remove the toxic load and keep our bodies in balance along with a balanced pH level. Antibiotics, medications, foods and sugar kill the good bacteria in our guts. We are then left with a weak immune system. Guess what happens next? We get sick, we cannot go to the bathroom and we feel bad daily. Along with diet and exercise, there is an easy way to help improve your gut. I have a “supplement stack” as many people call it which contains a probiotic that is not only a probiotic but also it contains enzymes and it is anti-fungal. Probiotics help replace the healthy bacteria back into your gut. Another product I use along with it contains magnesium which helps bind toxins and keep you regular. The third one contains alpha lipoic acid which helps alleviate muscle aches and headaches and keep blood sugar stable.  If you would like to see my favorite choice, you can click here.  By adding these to my “stack” I was able to drop 7 pounds in January! Less bloating, less fatigue and more strength!

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